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Hospice Care Services at Dougherty Ferry

The focus of hospice care is to manage pain and symptom relief towards the end of life. When these aspects of a terminal illness are dealt with proactively, a person’s quality of life greatly improves, and he or she can better enjoy those last months with friends and family.

Seamlessly Coordinated

At Dougherty Ferry, we provide comfortable accommodations for anyone requiring care away from home. We contract with some of the finest hospice providers in the greater St. Louis area to deliver exceptional hospice care for our residents. The hospice care providers are experts at managing pain relief, and they supply all the equipment and support services needed.

In coordination with the patient’s medical team, family members, counselors, and others, we provide additional care, such as speech and physical therapy and emotional support to the patient and their loved ones. This team-oriented approach allows us to provide excellent end-of-life care not only to the patient but also to family members as they prepare for the end.

End-of-life decisions are always difficult. Learning about hospice care in advance may prepare you should the situation arise. We are here to help you navigate these uncomfortable situations. Please contact us today with your questions.

 Resident getting her hair done  at Dougherty Ferry in Valley Park, MO
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